Directed by Robert McWhir
Created by Michael Webborn and Daniel Finn
Musical Direction Michael Webborn
Written by Daniel Finn
Choreographer Robbie O’Reilly
Lighting Design Richard Lambert
Assistant LD Sam Waddington
Lighting Assistant Matty Guarino
Video Design Maximilien Spilebichler
Video Assistant Adam Puckey

“the production values were excellent”
Rebecca, Official

“Richard Lambert’s lighting complements it perfectly, leaving The Clockmaker’s Daughter beautiful to look at”
Greg Jameson, Entertainment

“The attention to detail in this production is incredible for a small production. Beautiful costumes and a huge set that looks like it has come from a West End show, with clock projections on the walls, great lighting and cleverly moving set pieces…… This is one of the best off-west end productions around”
West End Wilma

credit too to Richard Lambert’s lighting work that for the most part enhances both ambience and location.
My Theatre Mates, Jonathan Baz

“aided by an intimate lighting, highlighted the otherworldliness of the story…… set and lighting design – created respectively by David Shields and Richard Lambert – are cleverly conceived”.
A Younger Theatre, Manuel Munoz

(Photos taken during rehearsals by Poppy Carter)

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