LAMBCO Lighting represents the Orbis Fly Product in the UK
A Kinetic system of eye catching design
Controlled with Artnet DMX
This system is available for Sale or Rental

Please contact LAMBCO for more details

Orbis Fly Build Up (UAE)

Orbis Fly Installation (Warehouse)
Orbis Fly at the Shanghai Expo
Orbis Fly as a beautiful art installation

Orbis Fly enhanced this Product Launch of a Car
The Globes can be replaced with Bespoke Products.
Here you can see the World’s largest moving sculpture where the LED Globes have been replaced with Rain Drops
Orbis Fly Kinetic Rain

Orbis Fly Musical Interpretation
To view video: Click here

Orbis Fly in coonjunction with Live Performance
Orbis Fly – the Original Kinetic Light Structure
To view video: Click here

Photo Images:

Orbis 4

Orbis 3

Orbis 2

Orbis 1