The Ignition Room, Islington Square
25th May to 19th June 2021

BroadwayBaby, 5 Stars
a massive congratulations should go to set designer Sorcha Corcoran and lighting designer and production manager Richard Lambert for the impressive staging.”
“a terrific achievement for a new writer (Charles Entsie) to have a dramatic piece of dialogue that hits so many beats whilst never dropping the atmosphere for a second.”
“Shak Benjamin, as Boy, is mesmerising to watch”
“Aileen Gonsalves has done a wonderful job with directing No Strings Attached….she truly kept the show feeling alive.”

London Pub Theatres, 4 Stars
The stand-out performances of the night came from Richard Lambert (Lighting Designer & Production Manager) and Daniel McKeown (Venue Technician). ‘No Strings Attached’ without a doubt had some of the best off-west end tech I have witnessed as a theatre goer. Not necessarily the amount or volume of tech, but the precision in how it was executed and how every light and sound had a true and useful meaning”

North West End UK, 4 Stars
“Sorcha Corcoran’s skeletal car structure against a concrete backdrop, set in an underground car park, brilliantly highlights the claustrophobia felt by the two men”
“Utilising Gonsalves’s own method, of the audience feeling what the actor does in each moment, the tension is palpable. Moments of prolonged silence are truly ingenious. We are told so much through expertly orchestrated stillness and quiet.”
“undeniably a piece of art. Carried beautifully by subtleties and nuances, the King’s Head Theatre production is a real masterclass of powerful storytelling”

The Play’s the Thing
“Sorcha Corcoran and Richard Lambert’s designs come together to create the atmosphere of a hidden yet public spot. There are parking marks on the floor and a car chassis under a soft orange strip lighting. The sound of engines, along with traffic lights, as set against the walls create a pre-set with a vehicular vibe. When the actors take their seats, their movements converge with ingenious sound and lighting effects to evoke the intimate nature of the inside of a car”

The Reviews Hub, 4 Stars
“it’s an engaging, sometimes funny story about two men at a crossroads in their lives. Dwell on it a bit more and it reveals itself to be a more satisfying exposé on how we present ourselves to the world and square that off with our own ambitions and desires”.

ReviewsGate, 4 Stars
what they get is a gripping 70 odd minutes of well performed theatre”

The Stage, 3 Stars
“Fresh take on well-worn themes featuring two absorbing performances”.
“intense performances”


Boy Shak Benjamin
Man Razak Osman
Writer Charles Entsie
Director Aileen Gonsalves
Set Designer Sorcha Corcoran
Lighting Designer Richard Lambert
Assistant Director Matt Strachan

Photo Credit: Lidia Crisafulli