starring Dave Willetts
Directed by Robert McWhir
Producer: Theatrica Ltd
Lighting Design: Richard Lambert
Production Electrician: William Eagles
Lighting Assistant: Felix Fowler
Choreographer: Robbie O’Reilly
Sound Designer: Sarah Weltman
Photography: Maximilien Spielbichler

“Although the show is clearly meant as a star vehicle for Willetts, the real star is Richard Lambert’s lighting design. ┬áStriking and stylistic, it varies from warm naturalism to monochromatic spotlights and terrific use of colour, and is responsible for much of the show’s gothic atmosphere.”
Ed Nightingale, The Gizzle Review, Click here

“Atmospheric lighting by Richard Lambert heightens the tension as Jekyll transforms into the amoral Edward Hyde.”
Rhiannon Kelly, British Theatre Guide, Click here

“The show with its impressive, large set, lavish costumes, brilliantly complex lighting and London musical star in the form of Dave Willetts”
5-Star Review from Michael Hasted, Click here

“With Martin Thomas’ set serving as a drawing room, laboratory and Victorian street (beautifully lit by Richard Lambert)”
Gary Naylor,, Click here

“The staging is surprisingly extravagant, cleverly designed to be several locations at the same time and lighting is kept suitably low as befits Victorian London.”
Michaela Clement-Hayes, West End Wilma, Click here

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