Produced by Andrea Leoncini​
Written and Directed by Claudio Macor
Choreography by Anthony Whiteman​
Lighting Design by Richard Lambert​
Assistant Lighting Design by Sam H Waddington​
Photo credit:  David Orchard​

 Richard Lambert does an excellent job with the lighting of this show and is worth a visit just to see how authentic the show looks
West End Wilma

“The dance scenes which intercut the piece are an entertaining respite from the story and help to elevate the passionate sexuality of the piece. Similarly the lighting design by Richard Lambert  ….. [is] striking for such a small space, and provide that same moody atmosphere and aid in representing the setting and time period”
The Theatre Tourist

“Richard Lambert’s evocative lighting … enhances the experience!”
The Stage
“there are a couple of nice lighting effects in Richard Lambert’s design, including the mesmerising illumination of a swirl of smoke around a doorway which opens the show which was beautiful in its simplicity”.
– Richard Voyce
 “Richard Lambert’s lighting is also the other star of the show with its shadows and piercing light”
– Paul in London

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