Produced by Theatrica Ltd
In Association with Hot ‘n’Cold Shows International and LAMBCO Productions
Directed by Robert McWhir
Choreographed and conceived by Nicky Scott
Designed by Richard Lambert
Musical Direction by Inga Davis-Rutter
Script by Tom Whalley
Designed by Richard Lambert and Max Spielbichler
Technical Manager Richard Lambert


Prince Charming Ryan Forde Iosco
Prince Alluring Chris Cauduro
Cinderella Tara Smart
Belle Ruth Petersen
Snow White Chantelle ACourt
Male Line Captain Ryan Forde Iosco
Female Line Captain Ruth Petersen
Female Understudy Kardine Gray
Male Understudy Christopher Bailey
Captain Hook Tom Whalley

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Narrator Jeff Raggett
Malevolent, Cinderella, Witch Emily Lynne
Snow White, Witch Lucinda Withers
Princess, Witch Sinead Wall
Mirror, Crystal Ball, Belle, Witch Joshua LeClair
Announcer Tom Whalley
Skate Fitting Alan Seabrook
Technical Manager Richard Lambert
Costumes Nina Morley
Marketting Design Rob Cook
Production Photos Paul Nicholas Dyke for PND Photography
Production Support Hannah Fisher
Set Construction Tom and Ollie Baum for Arts Tech Ltd
Skates supplied by Sk8Bling at Lee Valley Ice Centre
Barrier Construction Daniel Finn
Skating Consultant Alan Seabrook