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A Class Act

Directed by Robert McWhir at the Landor Theatre until 13th April 2013 Choreographer Robbie O’Reilly Lighting Design by Richard lambert Associate Lighting Designer Maximilien Spielbichler Photo Credits Maximilien Spielbichler


The Lamplighters

A Murder Mystery Play by Glenn Chandler (writer of the award-winning “Taggart” TV Series) at the Tabard Theatre in Chiswick, running until 13th April 2013 Produced by Boys of the Empire Productions Designed by David Shields Lighting Design by Richard Lambert Assistant Lighting Design by Maximilien Spielbichler


Becks Beer Film Advert

Design Concept In 2009, the Marketing Company “Outside Line” pitched an idea as an online promotion for Becks Vier. Under the direction of Adam Alexandroni the concept was outlined that created an art installation of Beer Taps, a seafloor of beer bottles, and a DJ (DJ Cheeba) pulling pints. The Beer Taps to have integral …